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Monument Valley - A Beautiful Mind-Twisting Game For iPad

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Monument Valley - A Beautiful Mind-Twisting Game For iPad

iOS is about to get a truly unique and remarkable game. Monument Valley, a title set to debut exclusively on the iPad, will put player's perception to the test by challenging it with a number of mind-bending puzzles. Solving them will require advanced math and logical thinking skills as well as big imagination.

The gameplay involves guiding a tiny person up geometrically surreal towers. While it may sound boring and simple, in reality it certainly is not. Monument Valley features gorgeous detailed graphics that was designed to create an illusion. What seems easy at first, becomes very difficult after a few tries. Opening the path for the game's little hero requires creativity and patience, because spinning and pulling certain pieces of the tower may frequently produce an unexpected effect.

Monument Valley - A Beautiful Mind-Twisting Game For iPad

The developers aim at delivering special experience. According to Ken Wonk, the lead designer, the he aim of Monument Valley is not solving the task - it is about a visual and interactive journey and witnessing something one of a kind. He admits that the game is inspired by works of M.C. Escher, Dutch graphic artist who specialized in mathematically impossible woodcuts, lithographs, and mezzotints. Escher's constructions explored relationships among shapes, figures, loops and space to enchance different dimensions and deceive the eye. Impossibility is to be seen in Monument Valley, but not only as a description for difficulty level of the puzzles - sometimes players may start wondering if what they see is what it really is.

Ustwo's Monument Valley is expected to arrive to Apple AppStore in early 2014. Given its artistic value and unique concept, we cannot wait for the release.