Modern Villa in Děčín, Czech Republic

Designed by architects from Studio Pha, the villa in Děčín, Czech Republic, is a perfect example of modern architecture. Its striking simplicity results in natural elegance and functionality. The house was built on the hillside and offers a beautiful view of the countryside and city.

While the base is made of stone, the main structure is features an angular, boxy design with a distinctive texture on the walls. The construction consists of a living space and a relaxation wing. The latter has rooms for children and parents and is partly cantilevered over the spacious terrace. Both parts are glassed-in, which makes the patio and the private swimming pool accessible from all sides. The impression of freedom is amplified by lack of any kind of inside fence, which means that the property can be easily reached from the outside area.

Additionally, the house has two drives and four parking spaces, along with an entrace to a separated background environment for garden care and maintenance. As for interior, it is chic and stylish, with a prevalent pallette of light colours that combines with the outerior very well. Modern furniture and subtle touches make the inside feel clean and uncluttered.

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