The Most Beautiful Android Apps of 2013


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With 2014 just around the corner, we take a look in the past and sum up 2013. As far as Android is concerned, a lot has changed. The software itself has evolved slightly, bringing a couple of new features and a minor interface redesign. However, 2013 wasn't about the operating system - it was about apps.

Developers have finally realised that great functionality is not enough for an app to succeed and began to put more effort in design. As a result, numerous gorgeous titles were released onto the Google Play Store. They boast polished interfaces as well as user experience on par with the best iOS offerings. To highlight the end of the year and allow you to get to know them, we've rounded up a list of the most beautiful Android apps.

Note: All apps listed are our personal favourites and ones which we think are beautiful. These apps may have been released in earlier years but they're still beautiful to this day. Of course not everyone will agree and there is no way for us to cover every beautiful app out there, so if you recommend some of your own, make sure to put them in the comments below.

  • Google+– Google+ may not be the most popular social network, but has a beautiful, polished app filled with subtle touches and smooth animations.
  • Foursquare – After the recent update, Foursquare is simpler and flatter than ever before. Its blue-hued interface is a joy to look at.
  • Facebook Messenger – Facebook Messenger has recently gained a new modern interface that is a mix of Android and iOS 7. Developers took the best of both worlds and made Messenger one of the best apps in its category.
  • Tumblr – Just like the service itself, the official Tumblr app for Android delivers an unique experience, in which smooth transitions and animation play a very important role.
  • Timely  – Timely is the best example of how beautiful Android apps can be. Its basic alarm functionality is fit in a colourful and hands down gorgeous package. It’s more than just an app – it’s an experience.
  • gReader – Highly customizable, smooth and feature-packed RSS reader that brings advanced functionality wrapped in a beautiful and intuitive interface.
  • Google Play Newsstand – Google’s newly released Newsstand is a news reading application that exudes attention to detail and polish. It’s full of beautiful transitions and unexpected, but lovely touches.
  • Eye In Sky (formerly Weather Eye)– Thanks to its uncluttered and stylish interface, Eye In Sky is probably the most beautiful weather app on Android.
  • Nice Weather – Extremely minimal and colourful weather app.
  • Timetable – Timetable is a simple, but good-looking school schedule app with surprisingly advanced features.
  • Action Launcher – Action Launcher has an unique, beautiful user interface that combines intuitivity with power.
  • Aviate – An advanced home screen replacement app that offers great customization options and successfully mimics Google’s design style.
  • Recollect – A well-designed productivity app that captures tasks and reminders based on user location.
  • doubleTwist Music Player ­– A popular music player praised for gorgeous visuals, unparalleled polish and advanced features.
  • Pocket Casts – Undoubtedly the best and the most beautiful podcasting app on the platform. It sports a great, modern look that adopts Android’s design guidelines.
  • JotterPad X – Minimal and powerful text editor that supports Markdown and allows for distraction-free writing.
  • Expense Manager – A seemingly plain expense tracker that amazes with its gorgeous interface, great choice of colours and smooth animations.
  • Trackthisforme – Trackthisforme tracks anything, from weight to pageviews, and presents the results in impressive and accessible graphs.
  • Pattrn – Minimal app with minimal content. In addition to chic user interface, Pattrn gives an access to thousands of simplistic, tile-based wallpapers.
  • Today – Today is a clean, customizable, and elegant calendar/agenda widget that you can put on your home screen.