Apple Releases iPhone Ad For This Holiday Season


Apple Releases iPhone Ad For This Holiday Season

If you are not in the holiday mood yet, Apple's new iPhone ad may put you in it. It was released earlier today and features a beautiful vision of Christmas - where family celebrates it together. Between the falling snow and a solo piano rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" playing in the background, Apple has shown that a good commercial is not just about the product itself - it is about how it may impact our lives. There are no specs and feature highlights, and even the phone itself is not particularly exposed. The ad is a story about a family Christmas and the iPhone is just an addition.

The main character of the spot is a teenager who doesn't participate in preparations for the Christmas dinner. He neither decorates the tree nor builds the snowman. Instead, every jump cut finds the boy playing with his iPhone, with his face illuminated blue by the light emitted by its screen. It may seem that the teenager is addicted to his phone and cannot let it go even by occasion as significant as winter holidays.

However, there is a reason why Apple's new ad was titled "Misunderstood". At the end of the commercial, it turns out that the boy was not wasting his time playing with the phone, but he was busy capturing all the important moments for the family and glueing them together in a film. As the family prepares to open presents, he beams his holiday video shot and edited entirely on his iPhone to the TV.

If you're curious to see the boy's video with your own eyes, Apple has posted it on YouTube in original quality.