Kano: A Computer Anyone Can Make


Kano: A Computer Anyone Can Make

The thought of building your own computer is a daunting task for most people. Understanding what parts you need, how to put them together and how they work can be way too much for non-techy people.

Kano is a Kickstarter project that wants to make building a computer the same as building a lego model - they want to make it easy and fun. At the same time they want to educate people on how it all works and get them to learn a little bit of coding too.

Kano is aimed at everyone, from school kids to grown adults who are willing to learn how to put a computer together.

The kit includes its own kano OS, a DIY speaker, Raspberry Pi Model B, Kano keyboard combo, a custom case, card mods, stencils, stickers, HDMI cable, Mini USB cable, power plug and a WiFi module.

After building a Kano computer, it doesn't have to stop there, it can also be used to build your own games and software. A great way to learn how to code.

Kano - $119