iOS 7 Long Shadow Redesign


iOS 7 Long Shadow Redesign

I personally am still not a fan of the new iOS 7 redesign. It just seems unfinished, unrefined and downright confusing at times. I'm not the only one who thinks this as there has been a number of iOS 7 redesigns that have become very popular. Here is another redesign by Sanat Rath.

He came up with an icon redesign for iOS 7, following the long shadow design trend. Long shadow may be a design trend that people seem to think doesn't solve any design issues, however here it actually works really well. Each icon now is very unique, they have much more depth and they are much easier to recognise, without having to read the label. We as humans can read icons and symbols much quicker than text.

iOS 7 Long Shadow 5

iOS 7 Long Shadow 4

iOS 7 Long Shadow 3

iOS 7 Long Shadow 2