Tweetbot 3 - Complete Redesign With A New Price Tag


Tweetbot 3 - Complete Redesign With A New Price Tag

Tapbots have just updated their very popular Twitter client for the iPhone - Tweetbot. The new Tweetbot is now being called Tweetbot 3.

The first thing you'll notice when you start the app is the complete redesign. Instead of the dark UI in the previous version, there is now a white design that fits into the iOS 7 design guidelines. It's a huge change and can be off putting to those who prefer the dark colours of the previous app.

There are a lot of gestures now to help you zip around the app and carry out tasks very quickly. You can do things like swipe from right to left on a tweet to show more details about the tweet. You can flick an image away when finished with it. There are many things to discover.

This new app also comes with a new price tag instead of being a free upgrade. It's currently on sale at half price so make sure to get it now before the price goes back up.

Tweetbot 3 - £1.99