Timbre Speakers - Minimalistic Wooden Desk Speakers


Timbre Speakers - Minimalistic Wooden Desk Speakers

Whether you need a new pair of speakers or just want to make your desktop look better, you should take a look at the new Timbre Speakers by Running Farm Labs. Thanks to an innovative construction and acoustic mechanism, Timbre Speakers deliver clear, crisp and loud sound. They're also elegant, minimalistic and beautiful in their simplicity. Their design features quality materials such as precisely crafted alder and stainless steel. The unusual combination of wood and metal make Timbre Speakers stand out from the crowd. As for specifications, the speakers measure  5" x 8" x 1.6", are 20W strong each and have 85-20 000 Hz response frequency.

You can get your hands on these stylish speakers by pledging $175 to their Kickstarter project.

Timbre Speakers

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