Sony Announce Alpha 7 and 7R – Small Mirror Less Full Frame Cameras

The race to make full frame cameras that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hands is on and Sony seems to have got their first. They first released the Sony RX1 which was a fantastic camera due to its full frame sensor but very small package – the only issue was that you were stuck with a fixed lens.

Now Sony have just announced the a7 and the a7R. These new cameras have full frame 35mm sensors and have interchangeable lenses. They are of course targeted are pro photographers so of course the prices for them are steep – $1,999 for the a7 and $2,229 for the a7R.

They do carry over much of the styling you’ll find in Sony’s NEX series of cameras, and they are just as small. Included with both cameras is a built-in EVF – no having to buy it as an optional camera like with the RX1.

As you’d expect, you get a whole load of bells and whistles to make sure you have full control over your pictures. Including two dials and an array of buttons for quick access to options and settings.

In the a7 you get a 24.3-megapixel sensor and in the a7r you get a 36.3-megapixel camera. Both cameras come with 3-inch LCD screens on the back with a resolution of 1.23-million dots. WiFi and NFC are of course included so you can wirelessly control the cameras.

Both cameras use the E-mount system by Sony so you can use NEX lenses. However you’ll find that your pictures will end up being cropped as the lenses aren’t large enough to cover the 35mm frame. But Sony are starting with five full frame E-mount lenses that should cover the basics. They will be trying to add a lot more lenses in the future.

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