30 Highly Skeuomorphic Icon Designs With Incredible Detail

Although flat design is now becoming a lot more prominent in the user interface and software world, skeuomorphism is something we won’t be able to forget about.

Apple are very well known for their skeuomorphism in previous versions of iOS, and it still exists in their OS X platform. This no doubt triggered many designers to adopt this style and pull out designs that are even better than what Apple can produce.

One place where skeuomorphism works brilliantly is in icons. Icons are usually very small graphics that we recognise and attach to an app or software. Unfortunately as flat is becoming more prominent, many icons are becoming harder to distinguish. Skeuomorphism provides a great way to make an icon unique because there are so many little details and styles involved.

Here is a handpicked selection of fantastic skeuomorphic icons that have an incredible amount of detail.

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