Oree Board & Touch Slab – Beautiful Wooden Keyboard & Touchpad

Aluminium and plastics are cold materials that all gadgets and tech always use. But there is an easy way to make gadgets feel a lot more warm and classy – add wood.

The Orèe Board and Touch Slab are absolutely stunning keyboards and touchpads that will sit perfectly next to your cigar humidor. Made from your choice of maple or walnut, both the keyboard and touchpad are completely wireless and battery operated. They’ve been designed with a very minimalistic touch so you enjoy the unique finish of dark walnut or light maple.

They are very Apple like but they work on both PCs and Macs. They can even work your smartphone or tablet.

The Orèe Board is available to buy now. But you’ll have to wait till October for the Touch Slab.

Orèe Board & Touch Slab

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