Kingdom Rush Frontiers Comes to Android

After a few months of wait, the sequel to the very popular tower defence game Kingdom Rush, has just come to Android.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a whole new Kingdom Rush game but of course keeps the fun and graphics that you’ll find from the first version.

This new version has over 18 different towers, 40 different enemies and a whole load of levels to play through.

Personally, Kingdom Rush is one of my most favourite games on the iOS and Android. The graphics are just brilliant, even though it’s no amazing 3D like some racing games, they’re cute and flat. And it’s the type of game that is just made for tablets, I’d say it’s easier playing tower defence games on tablets than on a computer with keyboard and mouse.

The game is only £1.91 and is well worth the money for the amount of gameplay you can get out of it.

Kingdom Rush for Android

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