5 Awesome Skills the Best Freelancers Have


5 Simple, But Effective Networking Tips for Freelancers

Being a freelance designer is a major challenge. You are in complete control of every aspect and facet of the job. While this appears attractive to many it is, in actuality, quite scary and can be way more stressful that many may think. So today, I am going to help you out a little. I am sharing 5 awesome skills the best freelancers have and how you can train yourself to acquire them.

Make Smart Decisions

Decided whether to accept or turn down new projects is one of the most important decisions a designer can make. Being able to properly manage and schedule your time to get the most value out of it is also important. Make smart decisions and budget/organize your time and money effectively. This makes the more stressful, and slower months much easier to cope with.

Keep Networking

Building a strong network of contacts to collaborate and rely on is very important. The more friends you can have to your benefit, the better you will be when you are in a tight spot. Or on the contrary you can help your friends in a tight spot. Remember, networking is a two-way street.

Learn Multiple Skills

Learning multiple skills is very useful when it comes to working on many different freelance assignments. Work on varying your skillset and building up some knowledge in various facets of design or development. Remember to master one field though. This way you can be getting the work in your desired field, while offering additional services if need be.

Portfolio Organization

Having a high quality, organized, and resourceful portfolio is very important. This can help you find new work, spread the word about your name as a designer, and present your various skills. Always work hard on freelance projects. Don't just go through them figuring you'll get paid either way. Take pride in your freelance work so you can feature it in your portfolio and attract new, higher paying customers.

Also only present the best of the best work. No one likes a saturated portfolio filled with beginner work. Share your best, most-proud work, and leave the rest in a folder somewhere on your computer.

Work Hard

While this might seem obvious, some people forget how hard freelancing is. Never let your morale get down. You have to work hard, tirelessly, for such a long time before results are shown, but when they do show, it makes it all worth it. Work hard on your business and continuously reinvest and grow it. This will help build up your company and improve the quality of your work all at once. It is also great getting higher paying, more fun clients!

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