My Single Best Productivity Tip for Creatives


My Single Best Productivity Tip for Creatives

Whether you are a designer, developer, entrepreneur, or anything in between I am sure you have struggled with productivity at one point or another. From balancing multiple projects to keeping up with your networking efforts time can be against you, or so it seems. I myself still have trouble focusing and getting work done, but this trick has helped me a lot and I am getting better with it. By this point, I can only assume you are itching to hear it, so I will bear all in the next paragraph.

My single best productivity tip for creatives is to simply dive into your work. I mean all out. No food, no drinks, no internet (unless required), no distractions. Turn the phone off, shut the blinds, hell put a sheet over yourself and the computer, I want you focused! For the next hour or so, get to work. Just stop giving in to those useless temptations to reward yourself every 10 minutes for finishing the slightest amount of work.

Actually train yourself to work for longer amounts of time by eliminating distractions and keeping involved in your work. I am not suggesting you work more than 45 minutes to an hour, I simply think if you can get a solid hour straight of cold, hard work, your productivity will increase ten fold.

Some other ways I have eased this is by mentally preparing for it. Take a break before hand and go for a walk or stretch out. Then get into the work and bury yourself within it. By truly focusing, you can maximize your potential and finish work faster. Especially for the tedious tasks. It takes practice, and like I said, I still suck at it, but by working to stay dedicated 100% I can actually just finish it, and within shorter amounts of time the annoying work is done, and it leaves room for the more fun, creative projects.

I suggest you give this tip a quick try, and if it proves successful, thank me by making amazing work!

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