Great Free Educational Resources on the Internet


Great Free Educational Resources on the Internet

School is fast approaching, and summer is coming to an abrupt end all too soon, yet again. With this change of season comes a whole new year for students to learn, grow, and mature. Along with school it is great to find resources online to assist you in your learning. From tutorials/tips/tricks to educational archives, I aim to create a guide to help you guys this year.

Similar to our Back to School | Hardware Guide, I am going to split each site or resource into a section with an image and brief explanation. Also before I start, I just want to remind you of our great back to school deals we have, go check them out and get some school supplies for a huge discount!

Learning Resources

Khan Academy

Great Free Educational Resources on the Internet

Khan Academy is one of my favorite free educational resources on the internet. You can learn just about anything you might need to brush up on. You take tests and refine your skills. They have wonderful tutorials and videos to assist you, and with a game like feel to the site, it makes it that much easier to complete courses and learn more.

Ted Talks

Great Free Educational Resources on the Internet

Ted Talks are incredibly inspiring and insightful videos with some of the most intelligent speakers of our generation. They cover various topics, from technology to design to human rights. It is a great way to get inspired, gain insight into the lives of various other humans, and learn about more advanced topics in a simplified manner.


Great Free Educational Resources on the Internet

Wikiversity works like a tree of subjects with branches in the more defined niches. Learn from over 21,000 topics through reading and viewing images. This is a great way to brush up on many topics at once because they are single pages and ideas.



Great Free Educational Resources on the Internet

Dropbox is a fantastic resource for file sharing and saving your "stuff". Did you ever think to use it for school? I personally never did, but being the smart reader, you probably have! You can creative folders for classes, subjects, and different materials and then access them from any library, classroom, or computer you use during the school year. I highly recommend backing up your work so you can prevent issues of lost files and broken hard drives.

Google Scholar

Great Free Educational Resources on the Internet

Google Scholar is probably one of my favorite research tools I discovered as of late. You can search articles, legal documents, books, ebooks, and more to learn about your desired topic. Many of these are in full readable condition online for free and can be excellent sources for your papers and research projects.


Great Free Educational Resources on the Internet

Evernote is the ultimate free tool for taking notes, photos, articles, and sounds and organizing them in one easy-to-use application. You can sync between computers, tablets, and mobile devices, and you can basically access it, up to date, anywhere you need to. It is the ultimate tool for staying organized and in tune with your notes and ideas.


Finally I want to offer a few tips for the education seeking person on the internet.

Whether you are a student in school or a curious person looking to expand your intellect, all the power to you. You are taking the initiative and for that, I commend you. That being said, it isn't easy learning without some incentive. To stay motivated I suggest partaking in projects, exercises, or goals to keep you active. This will help you to commit on a daily basis, and will keep you hungry to learn.

I also recommend working on multiple subjects or facets of a single subject. Say you are studying Design. Try learning about similar creative fields like Photography, Writing, or Illustration. Or at least a few that you are interested in. This can help you diversify your skills, and who knows you may find a new interest you want to actively pursue 100% of the time.

Finally I would suggest trying different sites or tools. Maybe one doesn't work well for you. That doesn't mean you should give up. Videos, blogs, interactive sites, and tools are all at your disposal. Information that was once scarce is now all at your fingertips, how are you going to use it and change the world? Learn, grow, and help others in your quest for knowledge, it will benefit you more than you think!

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