How To Download YouTube Videos To Your iPhone or iPad | Cydia

I’m sure everyones had a moment where they wish they could watch one of their favourite YouTube videos when they having to use their cellular connection or for offline use. Thankfully there is a Cydia tweak that enables you to just do that.

Note: You will need to have a jailbroken iOS device.

How To Download YouTube Videos To Your iPhone or iPad

  1. First you’ll need to go into Cydia, search for and download ‘Chrome Downloader Plus’
  2. Then open up the Chrome browser on your iPhone or iPad
  3. Head over to YouTube and find your favourite video
  4. You’ll then see a little knob at the bottom of the screen, pull that up and then choose your preferred resolution
  5. It’ll then ask you where you want to save it and it’ll start downloading
  6. To access your downloads just tap on the ‘three bars’ icon at the top of the browser. It’s next to the web address entry bar.
  7. You’ll see a new tab called ‘Download Manager’ and you can find all of your downloaded videos in there

Chrome Downloader Plus doesn’t just let you download YouTube videos, you can also download anything else you like with it. It’s a pretty versatile tweak that works very well.

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