Canva – A Free, Simplified Design Software

Canva proclaims itself the simple way to design. It is a supposed web app that is completely free to use, edit, and collaborate on. Canva attempts to simplify design by removing the unnecessary features.

They also boast over 1 million images and hundreds of fonts. With an easy to use search system it appears like a very nice concept.

Personally I see this as a suitable solution for the non-designer. In a sense it appears that a lot of the videos they portray on the website and the descriptions appeal to an audience of self-employed business owners and entrepreneurs. Picture the bakery owner or the creative writer who needs some graphics for their blog. I don’t see this being a viable solution for professional designers, especially not for web, but you never know.

All-in-all I see this as a great concept that could prove successful and perfect for the target audience of entrepreneurs without a design or creative background. Check out the video below for more information and a quick preview of the service.

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