5 Tips to Effectively Use Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools a designer, developer, writer, or freelance entrepreneur on the web has to use for their business. It can help you network while bringing in new clients. It is also a great way to announce new business ventures and other facets of your business that your customers might need to know. Unfortunately a lot of mistakes are made leading to a less effective marketing strategy.

Well, today I aim to change that. These tips should work for multiple social networks, but keep in mind some work better on certain networks as opposed to others.

1. Profiles

Everywhere I look I see profiles with missing information and unfinished bio’s. This seems common, but is so often overlooked, even by myself, that I had to include it at #1 on the list. Always have a beautiful profile photo, a nice description about yourself and your business, and link(s) to your site and other social media accounts.

For sites like Behance and Dribbble be sure to include your email and a line sharing your interest in new freelance clients. Doing this has led to a whole new amount of job opportunities that I totally missed before adding my email to the profile page.

2. Long Term Goals

Followers, likes, fans, subscribers. These are the common metrics you might use to measure your success of social media marketing. What if I told you that this is looking at it in a completely wrong way? Approach social media in a way that you aim to build relationships, connections, and a network of friends and resources. This will be a much more lasting resource as opposed to followers and fans.

3. Interlinking

Building up your social networks together is the best way to do it. Work towards interlinking and connecting your social media presence so that your fans can connect with you on multiple sites. This will grow your audience and give you more opportunities to expand. For example, the UltraLinx Google+ Page was growing slowly for a few weeks. After spreading to new communities on Google+ we were able to open new doors and gain new readers by simply sharing our content to a new user base.

This helped us grow our page by over 200 followers in the span of a few weeks and has continued to help us grow. Never be afraid to expand your networks and experiment. These fun side tests often lead to unexpected results and incredible insights.

4. Planning & Experimentation

With your social media presence, plan your strategy. By developing a strategy, you will have a more organized and effective marketing result.

Another wonderful idea is to experiment. Like I mentioned before, experimenting led to a whole new group of readers on our site from other niches. Try new avenues of social media and think outside the box. Some ideas include using relevant trends, creative advertising, and teaming up with other individuals or business in or around your niche.

5. Dedication

The biggest way to effectively use and grow your social media presence is to stay dedicated, day in and day out. Growth happens over time so don’t be let down if you aren’t seeing immediate results. Work hard to be creative and develop new strategies. Keep improving and working at your social media networks. Over time the results will show, and you will be all the more glad you stuck with it.

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