5 Quick Tips for A Great Visual Design


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Designing websites and interfaces are not the easiest of tasks. Whether it be a single page or an entire application it takes some careful planning and thought. In this post I share 5 quick tips for a great visual design and overall appearance within your website or application.

1. Consistent

Having a consistent design is very important. Aim to reuse elements such as buttons, headers, styles, and other design resources within your project. Also take into consideration spacing and alignment. For big projects, creating a style guide is very useful. Having a consistent design between your site, app, and product will make users more comfortable when using it. It also will make for a great user experience.

2. Contrast

Contrast is used in many popular designs, especially the user interface of popular social networks. Using a dark grey or black with bright blues, greens, or reds is often seen on landing pages because it helps to increase conversions. Working towards some visual contrast can make your interfaces easier to navigate and much simpler to find the buttons and call to actions.

3. Spacing

Properly spacing elements in a user interface is one of the most important aspects. Keep headers and titles properly spaced with plenty of padding. Don't overdo whitespace as this can lead to a dragged out ui, but be sure to make it visually appealing and not cramped. Having proper space will give the user more room to read, react, and use the design. Consider line height, space between paragraphs, and heading space for text heavy blogs and designs.

4. Alignment

Aligning elements in a user interface makes them easier to view at a glance. Take Facebook or Twitter for example. Notice how profile photos are aligned and other sections like sidebars all have photos aligned. This makes scanning the design easier and faster than a visually clustered design.

5. Typography

Typography is the key to most successful designs, especially text-heavy designs like blogs or magazines. When creating your next site or application keep in mind the headings paired with the body text. Aim to have visually appealing colors and a nice bold font for headers with a simple, readable font for the body. Also work to limit the use of more than one or two fonts. Too many fonts can be distracting and annoying.

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