Top 5 Photography Apps for the iPhone

When working on your ultimate photo taken with your iPhone, it is important to add cool effects and epic filters to make it beautiful. We figured we would help you guys out by sharing our favorite apps. Personally I stick to about 3 apps, but I also use a few others, so I will share them with you.

1. Instagram (Free)

This is a staple for photography on the iPhone and Android. The filters are beautiful and the community is even better. This is basically the main app where I share all my creations. If you don’t have it. Go get it, you won’t regret it.

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2. VSCO Cam (Free)

Basically using this app makes me feel like I am using a real camera. You control the exposure, focus, depth of field. Not to mention it has beautiful filters and some other awesome editing features.

3. Over (Free – Limited Time)

This app is incredibly genius. You can add text and illustrations to your photos, re-color them, and make your photos look super purty. Oh, and it’s free for a limited time. So go, go, go, download it quick!

4. Snapseed (Free)

Snapseed is an incredible photo editor. With complex effects you can work wonders with this app, and really transform your photos.

5. Piclab (Free)

Piclab is the ultimate app for photos. Change them into shapes, add borders, text, overlays, and many other great effects.

Now that you’ve got the apps, check out our Photography Inspiration section to get a few ideas before you go out and capture those epic masterpieces.

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