Official GTA V Gameplay Video


GTA 5 Gameplay Screenshot 8

Rockstar have at last released some real gameplay footage of the highly anticipated GTA V.

The gameplay video is packed with stuff we should expect in the upcoming game, with a narrator highlighting all the important stuff.

The first thing you'll notice is how big and vast the game is - the map is just huge and much more detailed than any other GTA before. Landscapes now actually feature a lot more prominently, you'll see rolling hills and city high rises in the distant.

The game is set in the current day southern California. You'll see both man made environments and untouched wilderness.

Unlike any GTA before, there isn't one main character anymore - there is three. Each character is completely different in terms of the way they live and how they live. You can change between the characters on the fly when not in missions. In missions though, you can switch between characters to play different roles. As shown in the gameplay footage, you can be right at the forefront kidnapping someone, or play a supportive role and shoot enemies from afar.

When you're not playing a character, he will go off and do his own thing. So when you jump from one character to another they could be doing anything and you could be thrown into some action.

There's a lot more to do than just explore the map and carry out missions. You can do things like customise cars, fly planes, buy clothes, play sports, go swimming, hunt animals and much more.

Rockstar is highlighting the fact that they've improved many of the mechanics of the game. Shooting, driving, flying and even playing sports they say is much better and responsive. But obviously this is something you can only judge when you do it yourself.

When carrying out missions you can set things up yourself. You can choose different ways to carry out a mission and choose different characters in the game to use on a mission. A mission can then be very different when comparing to how your friends played it.

Shopping seems to play a much larger part in the game. You can buy all sorts of stuff including stocks and property.