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Flipboard Release Web Version of Magazines

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Flipboard Release Web Version of Magazines

Ever since the launch of Flipboard on the iPad, the app has been ridiculously popular. It expanded to the iPhone and moved over to Android too, however it's always stayed mobile only.

Today though Flipboard has moved to the web - but not completely. They have launched the ability to read user-created magazines directly in the web browser. Magazines have been a hit ever since they launched on the Flipboard app earlier this year. With over 2.5 million magazines made so far, users can easily create their own by just adding content they find on Flipboard or the web using the Flipboard web clipper.

Flipboard have brought their trademark flipping animation along with web version of the magazines - so you can flip pages directly in the browser. How well this will go down no one knows because I'm sure many people prefer the quicker scrolling up and down a web page.