Ways to Get Quality Design Feedback

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Ways to Get Quality Design Feedback

So you've just created your design masterpiece. You think it's ready, but there are a few hesitations in your gut. Ok, not a problem, let me just get some feedback on my designs! Then you proceed to share it and... blah... no feedback. Lately that has been a big problem for me. Site's like dribbble and behance are outstanding for sharing your work, maybe getting some followers, or even a client or two. However; when it comes to feedback, they are a bit hard to use. I mean, unless you have a huge amount of followers or your specifically ask for it the feedback is normally just a nice comment or two.

You are in need of some help though. The occasional comment saying "nice job" or "cool work" isn't enough. You need something more. Well today I am going to share a few quick ways to get quality design feedback. The surprising thing is, it isn't all that hard to do either.

A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Direct Feedback

The first method of getting quality feedback would be direct feedback. Whether it be from a friend or from an industry professional, try an get some direct feedback of little or big changes to your design. This can be done over email, via skype, or even on twitter. Heck, you could meet in person if you have to. Try to get feedback from someone who is willing to be very critical. Sure, it's nice when people compliment your work, but do you really just want compliments from friends? Or would you rather get some cold, hard feedback and improve your designs.

Try to email a talented designer, or a friend and ask them for some direction. Granted a lot of designers are busy, but they might have time to help you, it's worth a shot!

Feedback Sites

Ways to Get Quality Design Feedback

Another quick and easy way to get feedback is on the web. Like I said, some sites are not so easy to get feedback on, but there are some good ones out there. You just have to find them.

My all time favorite site for feedback, that is relatively new, is called hunie.co. Hunie is the designers dream. A website made for the sole purpose of feedback. No likes, no popular page, no big ego's, just friendly, but helpful designer's and artists looking to receive or to give feedback to each other.

I absolutely love it. Oh, and another great benefit is, the top designer's give feedback there! This has helped me take a bland, and over-done design to a refined, eye-popping masterpiece. Sometimes, all you need is help from a few designers to improve your work exponentially. It is incredible what a bit of team work can do.


The third and final way to get really good feedback is through forums. Design forums are all over, and they are great places to meet other designers, learn some quick tips, or share your advice. Check out a design forum, and find the feedback or design critique section. More times than not you will get some help, and it will be good.

Another sort of questionable way to get feedback is through reddit's r/design. Granted reddit has a few trolls on the loose, but some good feedback is there to be found. I myself have shared some designs or other projects on reddit. I did get a few trolls or just rude comments, but all in all I got some good feedback, feedback that helped me improve. That is what matters. So if you are trying to get feedback everywhere, you may as well add this to the list.

Final Notes

Whether it be a simple single page website, or an entire os redesign, feedback is imperative. It can really help you see your designs from a different perspective. Even if you have to show your family or someone who is less experienced in the design field, do it. It always helps to see how others visualize your design work, and what their thoughts are.