Sony Shows Off PS4 User Interface


Sony Shows Off PS4 User Interface

Sony have at last released an official video showing off the PS4 user interface and what we'll be expecting once the PS4 is released.

The first thing you'll notice is how much the user interface has changed, it's very different from the PS3. It looks like you're given a row of the content on your PS4 and then a lot of other content below that, including updates from friends, videos and PlayStation store content.

Sony have made the PS4 a lot more of a social gaming console. You'll be able to see trophies your friends have won and be able to like those updates.

The gamer in the video seems to get stuck on a boss level on Knack. He then goes to his friends profile, Sarah, checks out a video of her beating the boss and then nearly instantly switches back to the game and starts playing - it looked like a very quick process, no lag at all.

It looks as though cross game voice chat has now been implemented. This allows you to chat with friends even when you're playing completely different games or doing something else entirely. This feature has been very popular on Xbox Live so it's great to see Sony bring it over to PlayStation Network.

The gamer can now buy portions of a game instead of downloading the whole game. The example in the video shows of Killzone. The gamer can choose to download the single-player portion or the multi-player portion. So no need to download the whole game if you're only going to play online. The gamer again switches very swiftly back to where he left off on Knack.

Messages are now in a chat format, unlike before. So you'll be able to see avatars and messages in a list. You can have group chats too.

You can check out sessions your friends are playing in directly from the PlayStation dashboard. Instead of having to go through the game to join a gaming session, you can now join directly from the dashboard.

Mobile apps now seem to play a much larger role. In the video, Sarah, is able to chat directly from her phone with her friends. She then goes to the PlayStation store and downloads a game to her PS4 from her phone - giving you the ability to install games even when you're away from home.

All this looks very interesting in the video and shows some awesome features which I'm sure users are looking forward to. It'll be interesting to see what other features there are when the PS4 is released.