Potluck - A New Social Network

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Potluck - A New Social Network

Potluck is a new social network that just launched today. It's from the same people who brought us Branch, so it's worth checking out.

Potluck isn't about posting photos, status updates like on Facebook and Twitter, it's just solely about finding cool new content from around the internet - it's basically a link sharing site with your friends. But the creators point out that it isn't like Facebook or Twitter where users feel pushed to post content that will gain a bunch of likes or retweets - there is no expectation to be 'cool'.

When a link is posted on Potluck the person who posted it is not even shown until you click on the link.

Potluck wants to help you find more people with the same interests, those who like the same sort of content from around the internet.

The site as a whole is beautiful and very well implemented. But as any new social network, there's barely anyone using it and it's hard getting your friends to come over to it. Who knows, Potluck may be the start of a new type of social network.