Introducing Video on Instagram


Instagram Video Has Amazing Image Stabilization Feature

Today Instagram proudly announced the video feature on it's app. I must say, they have perfected it. Not only is it fast and equally as easy as taking photos, but the hassle of waiting for videos to load is gone! It is lovely to use and the design is spot on.

New features include the ability to put filters on videos, the ability to remove portions of the video that were messed up, the ability to chose the cover frame for the video, and the ability to load videos almost instantly. Videos are capped at 15 seconds which is just over double the length on Vine.

Not only is Instagram killing it with the amazing features, but they already have a huge user base. They have provided some stiff competition for Vine, I'm intrigued to see how they will respond.

Find the full details about it over at the Instagram Press Center.