Apple’s OS X Mavericks Coming This Fall

Potentially the most exciting news from Apple today was the announcement of OS X Mavericks. The next big operating system from Apple with some awesome features. It makes me giddy just thinking about all of the new possibilities.

Key Features:

  • iBooks – easily read and sync books between devices.
  • Maps – incredibly detailed maps, easily sync to your iPhone.
  • Calendar – simple editing, easy to scan, clean new design.
  • Safari – clean design, easy to use, cool new bookmarking features.
  • iCloud Keychain – passwords are stored, encrypted, and automatically synced!
  • Multiple Displays – takes advantage of all displays, birds-eye view of all your web and apps.
  • Notifications – easy updates on what is going on, without leaving the app you’re in.
  • Finder Tabs – view files and tabs effortlessly and stay organized.
  • Tags – easily tag your files to group them and make finding them super simple.

Display Support:

OS X Mavericks takes advantage of all displays connected to the Mac. There’s no longer a primary or secondary display — now each has its own menu bar, and the Dock is available on whichever screen you’re working on. You can view a bunch of app windows running on either display. Or run an app full screen on each separate machine. Even show a desktop on one display and a full-screen app on another. Mission Control can give you a best view of it all, making it easy to drag what you want where you want it.

Other Features:

A few other cool features include more control and faster collaboration with awesome developer features, advanced technologies, and an incredibly fast and power efficient OS. I am so excited for all that is to come with the all new OS X Mavericks from Apple. This is definitely my favorite development at WWDC so far.

For more info on OS X Mavericks and all the latest developments, check the Apple Preview Page.

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