6 Awesome Newsletters for Designers to Subscribe To

Looking for a bit more information about design and development directly to your email inbox? In this post we feature some great newsletters with news about design, development, and creative business alike.

Without further ado, 6 awesome newsletters for designers to subscribe to.

Webdesigner News – Sponsored

Thanks to Webdesigner News for sponsoring this post. Make sure to check it out for the latest news, articles, tutorials and everything else going on in the web design world. 

1. Sidebar

Sidebar is one of my favorite newsletters. It has some awesome information about design. One link for every day of the week!

2. UX Weekly

UX Weekly features articles and inspiration for those interested in user experience and user interface design.

3. GraphicDesignBlender

Graphicdesignblender shares interesting tips for freelancers. From marketing to designer tricks, they share the best of the best.

4. Dribbble Newsletter

The dribbble newsletter only comes once a month, but when it shows up in my inbox I am always super excited to read it. They have some amazing stories about designers and what they are working on.

5. SmashingMagazine Newsletter

Twice a month smashing magazine emails you the best design news, tips, and tricks to help you improve. Oh and not to mention you get a free e-book just for signing up!

6. WebDesignerDepot

All things web design, webdesignerdepot has you covered! For tips and tricks with a bit of news check them out!

Got a suggestion? Post it in the comments, I would love to add a few great newsletters if you have found some!

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