Leaked Poster Shows Call of Duty: Ghosts Is Coming November 5th

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Leaked Poster Shows Call of Duty: Ghosts Is Coming November 5th

For a bri f (and I mean brief) second I thought there wouldn't be another Call of Duty title released this year but that faded quickly and I came to my senses. Of course there's going to be another one, there always is. So it wasn't too much of a surprise when Call of Duty: Ghosts' launch date was leaked accidentally thanks to a GameStop poster that was sent to IGN.

Do you remember Ghost from the Call of Duty franchise? He was the badass that could do anything with the skull mask in Modern Warfare 2. Such a cool character until they, you know, shot him and your character in the head and lit their bodies on fire. With that bit of information, you can assume this isn't a sequel to that story line in any way. Something more fitting is that it's probably a spin off that goes into the back story of this character we loved a few years ago or it's about a group of ghosts like the one we fanboyed over who will take some extremist down. Either of them are safe bets if you ask me!

The release date is said to be November 5th  just like most...er, all Call of Duty titles before it and it's set to release on the current line up of consoles and it's safe to say it will also be released on the PS4 and Microsoft's next console.