Get Google Conversational Search (Google Now) On Chrome Now

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Get Google Conversational Search (Google Now) On Chrome Now

Google Now is a great feature of Android Jelly Bean, allowing users to carry out search and other activities completely by voice. It came over to iOS where it was also a great hit.

Google showed off a type of Google Now for Chrome last week at their I/O event, they're calling it Conversational Search. This allows you to search by using more natural sentences and words - instead of a standard set of words. Well Conversational Search has just come over to Chrome in the latest update.

How To Get Conversational Search

You'll need the latest version of Chrome, v27. To see if you have that version you'll need to head to "Settings/Help". There you should see the version you have. My version number was 27.0.1453.93. If you don't see that try and manually force an update.

Then head over to the Google homepage, hit the microphone icon and you should see a large red microphone appear. Start voice searching away!

I was having a bit of trouble with it though. I keep getting "No Internet Connection" when trying to search, but there were some times it was working. So it may just be that it's not fully ready yet, but it is partly working.