Incipio Feather Hard Shell Case for MacBook Air

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Incipio Feather Hard Shell Case for MacBook Air

Continuing my reviews of the products Incipio sent out to me, here is a quick review of the Feather Hard Shell case for the MacBook Air 13-inch.

This hard shell case is made from plastic and simply attaches to the top and bottom of the Macbook Air. It attaches via very small clips. Thankfully it's very easy to remove the shell if you need to, without the worry that you'll leave a scratch or two.


The shell is pretty thin. Not razor thin, but enough thickness to add a very good layer of extra protection.

It has a matt rubbery texture, the same kind of texture you'll find on many new smartphones these days. It does provide substantially more grip than the normal aluminium frame of the Macbook Air.


You still of course get access to all the ports on the Macbook, with a lot of space around them so any connections fit properly and snug.

Would I use the shell in my everyday life? Probably not but that is completely down to preference. I like the luxurious feel of the aluminium frame of my Macbook Air. I feel like wrapping it in plastic ruins the aesthetics. But like I said, it's completely down to preference. Something like this would easily be a very suitable for someone who feels like they need an added layer of protection.

If you're into luxury products, check out the leather sleeve which Incipio also sent me. It's a great match for the Macbook Air.

Feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case