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The Gear I Carry

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The Gear I Carry

Many of you guys ask me what I carry in my bag when I'm out and about, well here it is. This is all the gear I carry around with me which isn't actually that much. Missing from here is my Panasonic GF2, that's what I'm using to take these pictures.

My essential gear consists of an iPad Mini, iPhone 5, MacBook Air 13-inch 2012 model, Nexus 7, a 14mm f/2.5 lens for Micro Four Thirds camera, business cards, keys, wallet and a tripod. What's missing from here are my headphones, magic mouse, plugs and wires for every device. It's pretty minimal, but what else do I need really.

I use the Incase Compact Backpack to carry it all, it all fits very comfortably in the bag.