5 Quick Methods To Make Your Website Look Better

With website design becoming easier and more accessible, people are able to customise their websites to make them look unique and fit their style. However not everyone knows of all the techniques available or may miss a trick or two on how to make their website stand out from the pack.

There are an array of things you can do to make a website look better and more unique. Here 5 tips which usually I recommend to anyone who is looking to make their website look better.

1. Use a different font

A font has a profound effect on the design of a site. You see many people still use the standard Arial, Georgia and Times New Roman fonts on their site. You can check out 5 web font alternatives to Arial and Helvetica, or you can check out Google’s huge web font collection.

2. Use a background image, texture or pattern

Adding an image, texture or pattern to the background of your site can really give it a whole different feel. A website I recommend is Subtle Patterns, they have a huge collection of patterns and textures which are very minimal, they’re made to make your site look different but not be distracting.

3. Whitespace

If you have a lot of content on your site, make sure there is white space between certain parts. Whitespace can make your site look a lot cleaner and organised. I see a countless number of sites which have everything bunched up together, it’s hard to tell what’s what and makes it look very messy.

4. Use icons instead of words

Using icons instead of words for things such as social media buttons, menu buttons and other interactive features can be a great way to tell users what they do instead of having it written down. It can also save valuable pixel space.

5. Change colour scheme

Changing your colour scheme can change a site completely. Use a colour which portrays your image and what your website is about. Be careful on how many colours you use though. Too many will end up making your site look childish and very amateur.

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