Traktor DJ - Probably The Best DJ App for iPad

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Traktor DJ - Probably The Best DJ App for iPad

Traktor DJ is one of those apps which completely changes the game, like Paper did when it came to drawing and designing on the iPad. Traktor DJ is probably the best DJ app available right now for the iPad and is made for novices and professionals.

The great thing about the iPad is how portable and how powerful it is. Why carry around two huge decks and a bunch of vinyles which take up so much space and are very heavy, when you can nearly have everything you need on an iPad.

This app lets you do so many things with very little effort. The music you use in the app can be taken straight from your iTunes library, so if you have a 64GB iPad, I'm sure you can carry absolutely thousands of songs. It does the syncing for you, you simply load up the tracks and Traktor will automatically sync them perfectly - you can turn this feature off too. You can do things like freeze and slice parts of a song with simple gestures. There are three FX to choose from and can simply be manipulated by tapping and holding where you like, you can also hold an FX in place with a lock function. Equalizers are available for you to choose low, mids, highs and the volume of a track. You can filter a track the same way you would use an FX.

I myself am no DJ whatsoever (though secretly I love to think I'm good at it) but this app makes me want to play around with the concept. I've never DJ'd ever before but this app lets me, a real noob, have fun and mix and mash songs together carelessly.

It may be off putting to professionals because it does all the hard work for you. DJ's want to have that "pure" feeling, the feeling they know how to DJ for real. But this app can be a great companion to a professional.

The app isn't cheap though. At £13.99 ($19.99) it's very expensive compared to most apps available on the App Store. But this isn't just any other app, this can be used professionally at parties and events. It's a lot cheaper than having to buy a professional set of decks. It's well worth the £13.99, especially because it's not an app which you can get bored of or use once. You can play with it all the time, experiment and have a lot of fun with.

It's worth checking out the video below which quickly shows what's possible and the outcome you get.

Traktor DJ for iPad - £13.99 ($19.99)