How To Sync Files Between Mac or PC Over LAN Only


How To Sync Files Between Mac or PC Over LAN Only

Yesterday I published a post on how to sync files between two computers using Dropbox LAN sync feature. I wanted to use the Dropbox LAN sync feature to keep folders in sync between my iMac and MacBook Air, however one problem was that these folder would also be uploaded to the cloud. When you're uploading massive folders which are 1GB to 10GB in size you can imagine how long it'll take to upload with a slow internet connection like mine - I get around 30kbps upload.

In the comments of that post a reader mentioned Cubby and it's ability to sync folders between machines purely through LAN, no having to upload to the cloud too. I thought I'd give it a try and I've got to say it's exactly what I was looking for.

I simply chose the folders I wanted to sync between the two machines, you can choose any folder without having to reorganise them and put them into a specific folder like with Dropbox. Once I chose the folder I wanted to be synced between the two machines, the files started appearing on my other machine nearly right away, after a few minutes all my files were available. Because it was using my home router to transfer the files, it was transferring them at a very speedy 5mbps. Cubby calls this feature "DirectSync".

There is one catch with DirectSync though, it's part of the paid pro plans. It does not come with the free plan. You can try out the pro plan for 14 days which is what I'm doing right now. After the 14 day trial you have to choose a plan starting from £4.49, you do get 100GB of cloud storage space with that though. Plans go all the way up to 1TB which costs £44.90 a month. However I'll be sticking with the £4.49 plan because all I need is the DirectSync feature. Although it may not be free, but for someone like me who needs to keep their work synced on both machines, £4.49 a month is a very small price to pay.

There are some free apps and programs out there which do a similar job to Cubby's DirectSync feature, however I've yet to find one which is as user friendly and easy to use.