Google Is Killing Off Google Reader


Google Is Killing Off Google Reader

It's that time of the year where Google do a spring clean on their products, killing off products they feel don't fit into their vision anymore. Probably the most significant is the Google Reader.

The service was launched in 2005 which has been one of the number one places for collecting and reading RSS feeds. The great thing about it was the ability to organise hundreds of feeds into custom categories, which made reading a lot of feeds a lot more manageable.

Google Reader is now being killed off on the 1st of July 2013. This should give enough time for people to move over to a different source. But if you're like me and have hundreds of feeds, it's going to be a painful and annoying process.

Also all the apps that use Google Reader such as Press for Android, and many other news reader apps will have to find other ways to add feeds. So some apps will have to change all together.