Exquisite Residence In The West Indies


Exquisite Residence In The West Indies

Frank Alfred Hamilton and Cecconi Simone Inc. collaborated to make this gorgeous abode in Anguilla, British West Indies. Utilizing open space,  natural colors, and plant life, the architects effectively created an enticing private retreat.

Inspired by the Balinese, this wondrous abode, commonly known as Villa Kishti, attempts to incorporate a sense of sophistication in order to challenge traditional notions of nature and shelter being separate domains. The pool area offers a breathtaking view of the Caribbean ocean , a cascading waterfall fountain, and a lengthy pool, though not an infinity pool.

The bathroom, created solely out of brightly colored marble, offers an unparalleled view of the Caribbean  and a substantial influx of natural light through a small window next to the tub. The bedrooms feature platform beds facing large facades so the residents are woken by sunlight.

The kitchen and living rooms are heavily inspired by India and Bali. Using unobtrusive tea light holders, small elephant statues, and a bamboo finish, the designers and architects effectively created a subdued, contemporary, Balinese-influenced atmosphere throughout the residence.

pool and chairs

tree and ocean


ocean view 2

low lamps

living room area

kitchen island

house entrance

glass facades

front view

family room


elephants dining room


bedroom platform bed

bedroom ocean view