PDJ - The Pocket DJ Featuring Two Touchscreens

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PDJ - The Pocket DJ Featuring Two Touchscreens

The biggest problem with being DJ is carrying all that heavy equipment, the decks and all those vinyls. Thankfully with the advancement of technology there have been many portable DJ stations released, and PDJ might well be one of the best.

The great thing about PDJ is how small it is and how it doesn't need any other equipment, it's a standalone unit. It doesn't even need a power supply, it can run for 12 hours off a single charge. It features two touchscreens where most of the action happens. Because they're touchscreens it makes the PDJ a lot more versatile, changing the display to what you need. It has 4GB of internal flash memory built-in, of course that isn't much at all, but not to worry, it also takes SD cards with a maximum of 32GB.

The PDJ won the IF design award for 2013 so you can be assured this is one cool looking device.

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