Grand Theft Auto V Coming September 17th

Finally, the countdown begins. The long awaited Grand Theft Auto 5 (V for your roman numeral fans) officially has a release date of September 17th 2013 on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Taking Place in a Los Angeles based city called Los Santos you follow three different characters: Michael, a professional ex-con who gets into way more trouble than he anticipated during his retirement. Franklin who’s a former gangster who’s trying to get real opportunities with serious income and Trevor, a lunatic trying to get a cheap high and the next big score. All of these characters are definitely not role models and we can expect that their past and the present to make their lives much worse.

“Grand Theft Auto V continues to push the series forward in new ways; Rockstar North are creating our deepest, most beautiful and most immersive world yet,” said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. “We are very excited for people to learn more about the game in the coming months.”

If you’ve been following the development cycle of Grand Theft Auto V then you’d notice that the fall release date is actually a set back from their initial Spring 2013 release. Of course, if you’re a gamer, you’d know that this delay wasn’t unlikely and isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It gives the company more time to fully develop the game and hopefully the wait will be worth it.

We don’t have much information regarding the gameplay for the title but our fingers are crossed that the small RPG elements of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas make a return. The ability to swim faster and further by swimming more or get fatter from binging on fast food was a really fun element to the game and it’s a shame we haven’t seen it sense.

Check out the full press release here.

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