Google Nexus 4 Official Wireless Charger Review


Google Nexus 4 Official Wireless Charger Review

I have been waiting for this moment since the day I ordered my Nexus 4. All I could remember was the coined line "Totally Wireless." After several attempts to use other wireless chargers , ie. Nokia or Energizer, I was left feeling well....unsatisfied. They wouldn't charge right or they didn't work with different cases. Recently Google stocked the US stores with the official wireless charger and I couldn't help but grab 3. One for the office, home and the wife. She gets one because she never charges her phone. Lol Anyways....what about that damn charger?

First off, this is just a charger. I don't think it deserves a full review but it deserves something. So below you will find some key points I wanted to focus on and a couple videos to give you a good idea if this is worth your money.

Here we go...



Wireless charging isn't really wireless charging.  I mean, there is a cable going into the charger. I just wanted to clear that up. Some of the realist out there will argue that wireless charging isn't really here. I agree; however, what I have here in front of me is pretty damn cool.

To charge your phone, its as simple as putting it down. The convenience is something that you really don't appreciate until you have it. One huge plus is that I am horrible at letting my phone charge. I plug it up and I'm contantly on it. The phone sits at a 40 degree angle on the wireless charger so you can still view and use the phone. I find the utility a huge bonus over the other chargers.

I have tried this case with the Seidio Surface Kickstand Case, Rearth Rinke Slim, the official Google bumper and the Cruzerlite cases. No problems with the latter three. The Seidio Surface worked but it kept falling off. The Kickstand was an awkward situation.



The charger is made by LG and you get the LG quality you expect. It resembles a Nexus Q cut in half but the matte finish looks nice on the bottom. Across the top there is a rubber seat and glossy black ring to hold your phone while it gets juiced. Your phone will sit securely on the charger. I ain't got no worries.



This is the best Qi wireless charger you can buy. It uses micro USB, it works with any phone, has a winning design and its almost future proof. If the 5" Droid DNA can fit on this charger then odds are any newer phone with Qi will do the same. for $59 it might seem steep but you get a lot for your money. Check out the videos below for more information.

Google Nexus 4 Official Wireless Charger