OUYA - Coming To The UK at £99

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OUYA - Coming To The UK at £99

OUYA the Kickstarer hit which raised eight and a half million dollars in funding will apparently be coming over the pond to the UK.

Pocket-Lint has got word that the Android games console will be coming to the UK around March time. They are then expected to also release a stereoscopic 3D version later in the year. So you'll be able to play 3D Android games. This should also boost the amount of 3D games which become available for Android.

The price for the UK version will be around £99 which is a bit more than the US version. But shipping costs are included in that cost. It'll be available through Amazon.co.uk so consumers can easily purchase the console online.

Most Kickstarter projects are based in the US and stay in the US. It's great to see that some projects are reaching out further, especially to Europe where there is a huge market to cater to.