Facebook's New Search Function - Graph Search

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Facebook held an event yesterday where they announced some changes to its site. Many were expecting really big things like a Facebook phone or a new search engine by Facebook. The search engine wasn't too far off, but the search engine was actually Facebook Graph Search, Facebook's new search function for only their site.

The top bar you see on Facebook will now be changed to be a huge search bar. All your notifications and options will move to the right, and the search bar will be to the left.

Facebook Graph Search adds a lot more functionality to the original Facebook search, which let you search for people, pages and a variety of other things. The main thing with Graph Search is that it is customised around you. You can search for stuff related to you, your friends and the pages you like.

The video above which is by Facebook is a great example of Graph Search in function. It should help you get a better understanding of how it's used and how powerful it can be.

Unfortunately there wasn't a Facebook phone or any other spectacular things announced at the event which is a shame, it was overhyped massively. But it should be interesting seeing Graph Search come into play and how it's used by members when it's live.