Awesome Portable Super Nintendo

The ability of some to take bulky consoles and make them portable will always astound me. We’ve seen Ben Heck turn and Xbox 360 into a laptop multiple times, Japanese peripheral company Hori has created an HD screen that attaches to your PS3, and now we’ve got this really nifty portable Super Nintendo created by Redditor, Robotairz.

Now, don’t think portable in the likeness of a Gameboy, it’s more keen to a briefcase with and incredibly cool geeky center. Nintendo’s console sits inside a bright yellow briefcase and is comfortably cushioned on all sides by gray foam, has storage for up to three games and two controllers; and has a built in screen.  I know, foam pads surrounding a console; won’t it get hot? Not at all.

Robotairz has put some thought into this project and made sure that the console will have enough ventilation. On the Reddit thread he responds to someone asking how the console stays cool. He simply (easier said than done) moves the power regulator to the front. He then heat sinked it and installed it under a grill between the power and reset buttons. He goes on to say that if you look into the unit, you’ll see that there are gaps all around which increases it’s ventilation.

The unit has a built in charger which can give you more than 10 hours of gameplay on one charge or you could just plug it into the wall and play normally. There is something out there called the SupaBoy which is also a handheld Super Nintendo but is a pocket sized version. It’s nice, but honestly it’s just not as cool as this. This even comes with a Super Everdrive, which essentially has flash version of all the games built in or you can just pop in that cartridge after you spend 20 minutes blowing into it.


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