YouTube for iOS Updated To Now Be iPad Optimised


YouTube Officially Launches Paid Subscriptions

Google have today at last updated their official YouTube app to work perfectly on the iPad. Continuing their minimalistic trend, the app is very clean and minimal.

All features are as you would expect but it's a lot faster and smoother than the previous YouTube app that would come pre-installed with iOS.

YouTube for iOS Updated To Now Be iPad Optimised

With the iPad screen being larger, there is now a sidebar where your account, subscriptions and categories sit. It provides easy access to the main parts of YouTube. One neat little feature is the button count which shows how many new videos there are from one of your subscriptions.

I do like the ability to search videos through voice now. Great way to search for videos while in bed instead of having to use the keyboard awkwardly.

If you have an AirPlay enabled device, you can now stream YouTube content directly through the app. A very useful feature if you would like to stream a video to your TV.

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