Tumblr for iPad Released At Last

Just as expected after the update for the Android version to support tablets, Tumblr has just been updated to support the iPad.

The app looks gorgeous on the iPad, taking full advantage of the larger screen estate. You now get a split pane view, one side for the main buttons and options, while the other for the content. When turned landscape the left sidebar expands to reveal what the button is for.

The left sidebar can also show vital info like how many posts have been published, how many followers you have, how many messages you have received and how many posts are in your queue.

When browsing content from the dashboard you get the quick access reblog and like buttons. You can also tap on the notes to expand them.

When creating a new post there is a neat new UI animation which is very similar to Path’s. When you tap to create a new post, all the options pop out in little circles around the new post button. Very nice and very cool.

Other than that there isn’t much else to the app.

Tumblr for iPad

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