Top 10 Best Designed Apps of 2012 | UltraLinx Favourites

2012 has been a huge year for mobile apps and it has seen some of the best ever apps released. I myself very much favour very well designed apps. Apps which have UI’s that are unlike the rest and work very well. So here is my pick of 10 apps from 2012 which I think are the best designed.

Paper for iPad

Paper easily has to be one of the biggest game changers when it came to drawing and designing on the iPad. Sure there are a bunch of other apps out there which have the same, even more, functionality than Paper, but none do it as beautifully as Paper. It’s become a major favourite among designers and has brilliant gestures which make the whole experience fantastic.


Google+ for iOS and Android is how a social network on mobile should be done. It follows Google’s minimalistic styling and looks fantastic on mobile devices. It puts Facebooks app to shame. Everything from the way content loads, to the way gestures help you zip around the app are brilliant.


Pocket was formally known as Read It Later. The service which allowed you to save articles and links to read later. It’s available on nearly every major device and OS. It got a complete overhaul this year and came back with quite a bang. With a lot of competition it knew it had to step up its game and it did. The branding changed and so did the UI of their apps. The whole experience is now seamless. You can save articles and read them across devices and save them for offline reading.

Press for Android

Press is a very new app and has become one of my favourites. There are many RSS readers out there, I’ve tried nearly all the major ones. But Press makes RSS reading beautiful. It’s a pure RSS reader app which connects to your Google Reader account. If you’ve used Reeder on iPad, you’ll love this app.

Google Maps for iOS

Apple introduced their own maps app in iOS 6 which was absolutely atrocious. They decided not to renew their contract with Google and thought they could do it themselves. The app was so bad that police in Australia had to warn users not use it. Thankfully Google released their own maps app for iOS which completely blows everything else out of the water. The app is beautiful and makes browsing maps a delight. The navigation system is also awesome. Google really know what they’re doing when it comes to maps.

Letterpress for iOS

Letterpress is a word game for iOS where you have to beat your opponent by covering the most letters in a grid. When released it became very popular, very quickly. It quickly hit the number 1 spot in the App Store. It was a really simple game with a gorgeously minimalistic UI.

Gmail for iOS

Google decided to bring a dedicated Gmail app to iOS. And many are glad that they did. It follows Google’s minimalistic styling and makes email a lot easier on a small device like the iPhone. The UI is fantastic as usual from Google and it has nearly everything you’d need to be an email powerhouse on a mobile device.


Pinterest realised that they had become big. They are now one of the biggest social media websites in the world. With that growth also came apps for iOS and Android. Following the Pinterest style of a pinboard, their app was a perfect representation of their aim of the site. It’s very well put together and the UI is perfect for mobile devices.


Svpply is an ecommerce site where you can browse for products to purchase. With the business being completely web based they released an iOS app. Their iOS apps don’t follow iOS’ conventional design and instead has its unique UI. This UI pays off when it comes to shopping on a mobile device.

Poster for iOS

If you’re a WordPress blogger and love blogging on the go, you’ll love this app. Poster is beautiful blogging app that works only with WordPress. It has a super minimal design so you can concentrate on the content you’re creating. It’s the perfect blogging companion.

These are just 10 of some of my favourites. Do you recommend any other well designed apps?

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