GIVEAWAY: StatNut - 4 FREE Downloads


GIVEAWAY: StatNut - 4 FREE Downloads

If you're a person who constantly checks their follower count for your social networks, StatNut is the app for you. It's a super simple app which displays for you the stat count for (at the time of writing) Dribbble, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter and Facebook. The app is gorgeous, using very minimalistic but colourful styling.

Fabio, one of the people behind the app was kind enough to give me a few codes to giveaway to you guys completely for free.

All you have to do is tweet this post to be in for a chance to win a code and follow me on Twitter (so I can DM you the code). By receiving this code you'll also be entitled to future updates, so you've got the app for free for life.

And the next redesign coming up for the app is simply stunning. As you can see from the mockup below the app will have a lot more statistics built in, use a cleaner font and have support for more social networks.