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SGP Ultra Oleophobic Screen Protector for Nexus 4

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SGP Ultra Oleophobic Screen Protector for Nexus 4

SGP aka Spigen has been making some of the best cases and screen protectors money can buy. While some people can argue, "Why spend $10-60 on screen protector when you can get a pack of 5 on ebay or Amazon for $2.99?" One word, Quality. We have all had the cheap screen protectors from the carrier stores. You know the ones they practically force you to buy with you phone? The plastic is cheap and within days you have scratches and a screen protector that feels like, well, plastic. SGP doesn't feel thats how a screen protector should be made. All of Spigen's protectors feature the following

  • Cut smaller to prevent lifting at the edges. (Case Friendly)
  • Revised to include cutout for the proximity sensor to prevent any interference
  • Easy to install / remove
  • Non-tacky adhesive : Removed easily without leaving residue
  • Premium silicone adhesive : Bubble free application
  • Easily wipes away marks and fingerprints.
  • Anti-UV ray coated
  • No interference with touch-screen responsiveness
  • Oil Resistant to prevent smudges resulting from oil, cosmetics, and other contaminants. Any marks and fingerprints can be wiped away easily.