MOGA Review: Changing The Way We Play Mobile Games

The improvements made to handheld gaming, specifically with cell phones and tablets, have increased exponentially. Seeing something like Infinity Blade or Mass Effect Infiltrator which both had the hard work and quality of a game made for consoles is phenomenal to say the least. The only issue with these games, at least for me personally, are how they’re controlled. Playing a game on a touch screen can and more than likely will have some level of irritation because a touch screen will never be as good or responsive as a controller.

A lot of the time you just have to deal with it, or if you choose my method, just don’t play them. Thanks to Power A and the MOGA however, that could all be changing very soon and I may be paying a lot more attention to Android games.

The MOGA is a controller for your Android phone and tablet that will change that way you play most mobile games essentially forever. Now, I say most because for this device to really work, you first need to download the MOGA Pivot App (a marketplace where the games are located), make sure you have an Android device with an OS of 2.3 of higher, and then hope that the game you want to play is “MOGA enhanced” otherwise, the controller won’t work. With that being said, when you do play a MOGA enhanced game you’ll realize that you can never go back to playing on your cellphone or tablet without it and wonder how you did in the first place.

First off, the controller is very comfortable to use. It’s design somewhat resembles that of an Xbox 360 controller, but just more compact. There are two analog sticks, four face buttons, and two triggers on the device, giving you the range to play all types of games comfortably. The sticks don’t rise as high as your standard controller of course, but is elevated enough so it stays with your thumbs and has a coarser grip top to keep your thumbs steady. The controller is light and gains literally no weight when it’s attached to the phone either–reducing the strain on your hands during long gaming sessions.

The center of the controller actually folds up to be the holster for your phone. So you have your controller attached to your phone by a brace that expands up to 3.2 inches comfortably–which is just enough to fit the width of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which has a width of 3.17 inches . The brace obviously won’t work on the tablet, so you’ll just connect to the device via Bluetooth and provide your method of viewing it comfortably.

Finding games that you want to play on the MOGA Pivot APP is very easy. Simply start the app, sync your controller (as easy as pushing a button), and start browsing.

I played a couple of titles on the MOGA: N.O.V.A. 3, The Dark Knight Rises HD and Wipeout and got a pretty great feel for how the device controls. Driving in Wipeout was very easy to jump into and was the easiest of the three games to handle. It’s a racing game so it’s hard to mess that kind of thing up.

I did find difficulty in N.O.V.A. 3 and Dark Knight Rises HD however. The analog sticks are great but don’t give the sensitivity one would have with a traditional controller. So when I was asked to sneak up behind a bone headed thug in Dark Knight Rises HD, nine times out of ten I did a full on sprint. Trying to land that headshot in N.O.V.A. 3? Not really happening. It was infinitely more difficult since I couldn’t make the smoothest movements, it felt jumpy. I countered this a little bit by lowering look sensitivity in the games.

Aside from the aforementioned minor issues, the MOGA is definitely a device that any dedicated Android gamer needs. There’s no way around it really. The device is extremely comfortable to use, there’s a variety of games to play that keeps growing and you’ve got 18 hours of battery life to game on the go.

To put it as simply as possible, get the MOGA by Power A as soon as you can if you want a better mobile gaming experience. It’s easily the best option out there right now.

A review unit of the MOGA was provided by Power A.

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