Google Music Launches In UK

There’s no denying that Apple have a great ecosystem for the phones and tablets whereby consumers can get all their content from the one company.

Google are trying to do the same but unfortunately have been slow at rolling it out. This isn’t Google’s fault, it’s usually the other companies they have to work with to get the content out there. They have to make deals and record labels especially are very tough to deal with.

However at last Google has launched Google Music for the UK, adding to their Android ecosystem. Apps of course have been available from nearly the beginning, movies and books came quite a bit of time after. Now that music has been added to the variety Google can hopefully have one store where Android users go to purchase and download content.

The music part of the Play Store isn’t just for Android devices though, consumers can also head to the desktop version of the site and download content from there too.

Google have an awesome cloud service with their music part of the Play Store. Now when you purchase a song it’ll be stored in your part of the cloud, you can store up to 20,000 songs there. So instead of having to download all your songs to your device, you can instead have them streamed, saving you space for apps. However it will of course eat up your bandwidth if you’re on 3G or 4G.

Prices are relatively similar to iTunes and AmazonMP3. You can browse for featured content, top albums and top songs in the UK.

This is a great step forward for Google and Android. Hopefully they’ll be able to continue launching all these services worldwide, or at least into major countries.